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the debut album
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available everywhere, right here

a lil' about the album

'the sum of the in-between' is my first album, and i wrote it over three years from age 23-26. parts of it started in Berlin and Dublin, but most of it came together in 2020, in a tiny cottage by the sea on the south coast of Ireland.

i'm 26 now, and to keep it brief, the last 3 years of my life have been very tough. they challenged me and changed me, and when i see photos of my 23 year old self, in her last year of college, i don't really recognise her at all. in fact, when i look back, i feel as if there's a line drawn - 'the before' the bad stuff, and 'the after'. i've spent a lot of time escaping to 'the before' in my head.

because i met a new version of myself in 'the after'. and she was kind of hard to spend time with - she's anxious, fearful, has more bad days than good. she's more lost than ever, she's questioning her interests, her goals, her values. she's scared to make any kind of decision. she's still trying to figure out her brain. i avoided her as much as i could.

but over time, that got pretty exhausting. so i inched a little closer to her day by day, and tried to figure out why exactly i avoided her so much. why it was so hard to just accept the change, to grieve the past, and to look forward again. and that's what this record became about - meeting myself exactly where i was, and not where i thought i should be - despite how uncomfortable it is to accept.

i hope you find something in it for yourself.

thank you so much for being a part of this.



p.s. you can access an actual bio here.

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